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Announcing new website

The time has come to replace this blog.  I knew that was coming for long, but I didn't care to do it as it still somewhat works.  The reason, essentially, is that I no longer use Perl; I didn't touch this code in years and I just know that it would hurt my eyes to look into it now.

They say it's possible to write clean code in any language.  I don't think that's correct; what I deem more true is that you can write awful code in any language.  For this reason we should strive to use the most beautiful language possible.  The definition of “beautiful”, though, tends to depend on what we know already.  We often don't sense beauty because we have different, perhaps wrong, ideas about what “beautiful” is.  And of course, “beautiful” is a relative term.

For now I've settled on Common Lisp.  To me, Lisp is beautiful.  Common Lisp got somewhat ugly, but that happened for practical reasons.  It's by far better than any other language I've tried, though I will not say it's perfect.

My new blog — lisperator.net — is powered by Common Lisp and it's my online place from now on.  This site will continue to function for a while, but I will no longer update it and I will disable comments.

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