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Ati spits a new driver for Linux

Heard the newsATI AMD finally releases a new driver for Linux which brings the long awaited AIGLX support.  AIGLX is cool stuff.  Great work, although it's kind of late—since most other producers had it long ago.

Unfortunately, the suspend/resume problems seem to be still in place so I think I'll just stick to VESA for now...  But hey, there is hope—since they brought us AIGLX by the end of 2007, I think we'll have suspend/resume working some time next year.  Grrr.


Couldn't resist so I spent half a day trying this driver.  For one thing, it didn't work because my hardware is unsupported.  Applied the patch, messed with the ChipID option, finally got it to work.  It was damn slow for 2D, so slow actually that I'd be happy to revert to VESA any time.

But let's keep trying.  After these new hacks in xorg.conf it was about as fast as VESA.  What can I say—cool, they finally match the performance of a general, unoptimized driver.  I expected better, but I can live with it.

Let's try AIGLX now.  apt-get install compiz 'n shit, finally killing sawfish (still my preferred window manager) and trying to start compiz results in an error (err... forgot what was it.  I'd love to paste, but I can't since I upgraded to VESA since).  OK, they claim to support AIGLX, but compiz doesn't really work—no problem, maybe it will later.  LATER.  I mean, in a few years or so.  No problem.

Let's try suspend.  Oh, it WORKS.  How cool is that?  My machine suspended.  Now let's RESUME IT!  And... you don't wanna hear the rest of the story...

So I switched back to VESA.  I'm happy.  I can suspend/resume.  Compiz doesn't work (but Sawfish is so cool and so.... Emacs-like.).  I bet that moments after I'll have bought a new laptop, which definitely won't have any AMD label on it, their crap driver will work just fine.  I bet.  But I won't be giving them any more cents...

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