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David Andrei BazonI should have announced this almost one month ago, but I've been caught in a lot of problems that define something called “life” — so far, an undocumented concept — so anyway...  David Andrei Bazon, my second child — and my first boy — was born on August 26, 2007 (about 2 weeks earlier than expected).  He is very vocal.  Long live!


  • By: Michael LeeOct 04 (21:37) 2007Congrats §

    Hi Mihai,
    Congrats on your baby boy!

    I don't think I've ever commented on your blog before (old site or new), but I used to check in often to see what cool web creations you were working on.

    Today I was checking out ZohoDB and noticed that they use your Calendar script/widget! Congrats on that too. I guess your stuff's been used by a lot of folks/projects, but I thought it was very cool to see it being used in such a developed and innovative product.


    See http://db.zoho.com/html/thirdparty.html

  • By: Val HemphillFeb 04 (09:01) 2008RE: David Andrei Bazon §

    Hi I was just checking the name Bazon on google and came across your page my maiden name was Bazon and I am trying to trace my ancestory, I was born in England and so far I have not found any other Bazon's (other than family) if you know any thing about the history of the name I would appreciate it if you could let me know
    Thanking you
    Val Hemphill nee Bazon

    • By: chadApr 26 (20:29) 2008dog paintings §

      Hello Val ..... Do you still paint or do pastels? I recently saw some of your work at a Diner in Ottawa. I would be very interested in having a piece done by you . If interested please reply!

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