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Does Github have a “ban” feature?

Few days ago a guy asked me on Github (as a private message) if UglifyJS can “obfuscate” code.  I didn't reply, so today he felt the need to “ask me again”:


?!?  WTF?

I had a strong urge to reply and throw some “polite” words at him, but I refrained.  What good would it do to to me or to him if I enter the game?  He's an idiot, and I don't see the fun about telling idiots that they're idiots; not anymore.

What I would like to see is a “ban” button.  I want to click that button and never again hear about this guy, even if he mentions my name; and he should be banned from commenting to any of my projects (and forks!) or from sending me any private messages.  That would be Good.  Where's that button, Github?


  • By: nightwingSep 26 (20:32) 2011RE: Does GitHub have a “ban” feature? §

    sadly, downside of ruling the world :-), is that one have to deal with idiots more often.

    but it seems like github already have a “ban” feature, it's hidden behind the gear button next to "message" and "follow" on users page

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