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Firefox slowness identified

I talked previously about the Firefox problems on Linux, however, I now identified a case that can reproduce the slowdowns.  It happens when you have a lot of text in some element.  Even if that element is displayed with overflow: auto, or overflow: hidden, it'll be slow as hell to drag'n'drop it.  Additionally, all operations seem to be a lot slower in the whole page (that is, even if they don't directly affect that element).

Here is a demo that shows the problems.  If you're running Firefox on Linux the poor performance should be easy to see; if you're on Windows, use more lorem ipsum. ;-)

If you have any idea how to work around this issue, I would love to know it—please share your thoughts by commenting in this page.

The fastest browser on Earth

I never thought I'd say this, but here I go: Safari is the damn fastest (modern) browser on the planet.  Nope, it's not Opera, not Firefox and definitely not IE.

I'm playing with Safari 3.0.4 on Windows and it simply rocks.  The rendering engine is quite good as well—I'm doing pretty heavy AJAX stuff and there was no special hack I had to do for Safari.  So let me congratulate the WebKit team for this fine product! (I still can't forgive Apple for using KHTML instead of Gecko; Gecko is better, it just needs to catch up with performance and it looks like this is going to happen in the next release).

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