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I'm very upset with these guys. Thought I might be the only one, but it seems the Internet is raving about this. I'm very glad these guys took action, but I'm not sure I will be able to keep my domains. Bottom line is, RegisterFly steals your money and your domains, and it seems there's not much you can do about it.

Looks like Enom might be able to help—but when I tried to create an account, after filling the registration form for 10 minutes I was granted with this dry error message: We are unable to process this transaction because we are currently not accepting orders from this IP.. Great. I could use a proxy, but I guess I will be rejected anyway—I'm from Romania, you know.

Side story, I chatted some time ago with a Dell representative (or was it IBM? I forgot) about purchasing a laptop and I was asking if they could deliver to Romania. He asks me back “and Romania is in which country?”. Not sure if he just wanted to make fun of me, but I got the point. Apparently, we don't exist.


  • By: christian krieverMar 02 (02:29) 2007RE: RegisterFly Sucks™ §

    man that sucks. those fuckers are going down soon.

    • By: mishooMar 02 (10:26) 2007RE[2]: RegisterFly Sucks™ §

      I succeeded moving all my domains to GoDaddy.  It was quite a hassle.  RegisterFly doesn't send authorization codes by email and in their crappy site I could only find the codes for a quarter of my domains.  But eventually, after a few days, I found codes for the others too (in the same area which was previously blank). :)

      Just make sure your domains are unlocked and “privacy protection” is disabled and proceed to transfer them.

      Do not try to renew at RegisterFly——that's lost money.  But also don't let domains expire, because you won't be able to get them back.  Move them away, that's the best solution.

      Good luck! ;-)

    • By: maximeMay 22 (23:24) 2008RE[2]: RegisterFly Sucks™ §

      where i can register it?

  • By: MikeinOregonMar 31 (03:42) 2007RE[3]: RegisterFly Sucks™ §

    Move off easy with www.registerflytransfers.com Cheap too!

    I had a domain hosted with RF they cooked my card with $300 in overcharges and finally after 3 months, we were able to move off.

    A buddy of mine, whom I suggested use RF, has never recovered his domain because he used that Privatefly crap.


  • By: Cheap Domain NamesJun 02 (21:47) 2007How to moved your registerfly domains including protected domains before they will lost §

    RegisterFly will not be a domain reseller in march 2007, and all your domain there is in risk of losing, spicily whois protected domains !.

    so how to save your domain:

    1. Create A New Register Fly Account.
    2. Login into the Old RegisterFly Account.
    3. Click on Manage Domains
    4. Click A Domain Name
    5. Click On Change Ownership
    6. Click On “Push your names to another user”
    7. Click Continue
    8. Enter The User ID of The New RegisterFly Account
    9. Verify The User ID of The New RegisterFly Account is Correct
    10. Click Continue
    11. Select Each Domain Name to Push
    12. Check the Check Box Marked “Change the Whois/Contact info on the names being pushed”
    *** Check This Box Only if your Domains are Showing ProtectFly Information on a Whois Database, If it’s Showing your Real Information with Working Email Then Continue Without Checking the Check Box ***
    13. Login into Your New RegisterFly Account, Your Recently Transferred Domains Should Be All Unlocked.
    14. Click Change Whois Information And Get Authorization Code for Each Domain.
    15. Wait about 2 Days until changes are updated to the world.
    15. Begin Transfer to New Registrar.

    also i recommended http://www.domain-host-ssl.com as domain register with very cheap domain names prices.

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