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The greatest programmer in the universe

Want to know who that is?  It's me. ;-)

I submitted my Ymacs project to Ohloh (Ymacs project page at Ohloh).  They have a nice feature that gives some statistics, based on the source code (they can understand some source control repositories, including Mercurial, which is what I use).  The Ymacs statistics say the following (the whole source taken into consideration):

  • estimated effort: 4 person-years
  • project cost: $210,926 (for a $55000/year salary)

    Counting only the JavaScript files, which is the main programming language, we have:

    • estimated effort: 1 person-years
    • project cost: $61,739 (same $55000/year salary)

    The fact is: I did this myself in a bit more than 2 months (work on the website and infrastructure included).

    It's true that Ymacs includes a build of DynarchLIB in it's source repository, and DynarchLIB started in 2005 (I didn't work on it full-time, though, far from it).  However, Ohloh counts DynarchLIB as a single line of code, because the code is minified, so it probably doesn't add much in the 1 person-years estimation.

    Once I put up a public code repository for DynarchLIB, it will be interesting to see how much Ohloh underestimates me. :-)


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