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Tried IE8 today

I'm kinda late, huh?  But I took my time.  Every time M$ released a new browser (that's, err, twice in the last 7 years?  I think so) — so every time they released a new browser, I rushed to download it, install it, only to be horribly disappointed thereafter.

Well, today I'm quite pleased.  I tried IE8.  It's OK!  Can you believe I said that?  I, I mean, me — Mihai Bazon — am telling you that IE8 is OK.  It's about as OK as Firefox was 6 years ago.  It's even as fast as Firefox was 6 years ago (and here I mean Firefox on that hardware, compared to IE8 on bleeding edge hardware).

Other than speed (seriously M$, can't you do any better?  Come on!), IE8 does seem to do a lot better job than any older IE concerning rendering quality (and here I mean CSS).  And that's it.  No exciting news on the DOM side (but people didn't cry about it all that loud, because we could work around it).

So to recap:

  • Slowest browser on Earth (as usual).
  • CSS support is better than IE7, but worse than real competition (as usual).  Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera — they're all still light-years ahead.
  • Still no support for standard DOM events (as usual).
  • filter:alpha(opacity=STILL_SUCKS) (as usual).
  • Oh wait, still no font antialiasing when opacity is not 100% (as usual).
  • Dude, it's unusably slow. (as usual).

Good work folks.  Looking forward for the next 3 years.  Meanwhile, I'm happy to see your marketshare shrinking daily.

And by the way, Vista sucks!  It truly, deeply, sucks!


    • By: We hear you!Apr 29 (16:13) 2009RE: Tried IE8 today §

      You've summed it up quite nicely.  There's a bunch of other bugs that haven't been addressed to

      (see the URL above)

      I'm glad it has improved over IE7 but you are correct... now its only 6 years behind Firefox.

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