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Wacom and Linux

I bought a Wacom Graphire 4 tablet today, for my daughter.  There were 2 versions in the store.  One came with Adobe Photoshop and cost around 100$ more.  I obviously chosen the cheapest one.

I was convinced that it'll take me 2 days to make it work in Linux, but — surprise — it only took 20 minutes.  And now I know why.  They support the open-source development of Linux drivers.  They provide sample tablets and documentation to open-source driver developers.  And for this reason, it almost works out of the box.

I wish ATI would do the same.  But they don't, which is why running Linux with an ATI card is nightmare.

Kudos to Wacom.  I plan to buy 2 more graphic tablets, and they sure will be Wacom.  I'm happy.  Thanks guys!


  • By: MitchJun 02 (20:00) 2009RE: Wacom and Linux §

    I'm glad to here it works well with linux.  I'm trying decide between the Graphire wireless and the Fun medium.  There's about $50 difference.  P.S. I switched to nVidia and never looked back!

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