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A Plan for Comment Spam

Everybody fights comment spam sooner or later.  I was quite (and almost pleasantly) surprised to note that my new blog started receiving comment SPAM within days since I launched it—and I only put a single link to it so far, which isn't even very visible.

I've been bitten so many times by comment spammers that in this new blog I put together a solution from the start.  It's based on a few principles—and so far seems quite effective, though it's too early to drive conclusions.

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Why a new site?

As some of you might know, my old personal website has been around for many years. About 5 I think. (Yes, I know that the domain is registered only 2 years ago, or so; but the website itself has lived at other addresses, such as students.infoiasi.ro and dynarch.com.)

The point is, I developed that website in a time when I was just learning Web development. It was perhaps my first non-trivial Perl project. I'm not proud of it; the backend “architecture”—if I may call it so—looks more like a simple PHP website. No doubt, Perl can do better.

I started this new site because many times I feel like writing, but the old site really doesn't make this easy—which is one of the reasons I updated it so rarely. This one is also based on Perl, but has a better internal architecture—that is, it's maintained with a CMS that I'm working on; the CMS itself is not good enough to make it public it at this time.

In the near future I will also add:

  • RSS feeds
  • Articles (which will usually be somewhat longer blog posts)
  • Contact section (but you can always comment in some page, I'll be notified)

Well, enjoy your stay, or come back later—and don't forget, your feedback is very much appreciated. ;-)

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