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Emacs, my Wife and my Muse

Wait a minute...  Emacs is not my wife.  I'm spending too much time with Emacs.  If you used Emacs (or VIM for that matter, same thing) for more than a few years, then you know how frustrating it is to try to convince other people about the true genious that rests in your editor.  In 10 years of using Emacs I convinced many frieds to try it and some were quite successful and agreed that Emacs is "The Shit".  However, half a year later, they kept telling me how Emacs sucks and .Net studio rules.  Oh well.

This story is about Emacs and about my wife.  My wife knows so little about computers, that to her, the difference between Emacs and Notepad is not obvious.  You see, she has to write a few papers for her university degree (God I'm so glad for I never finished one).  She did these with OpenOffice.

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David Andrei Bazon

David Andrei BazonI should have announced this almost one month ago, but I've been caught in a lot of problems that define something called “life” — so far, an undocumented concept — so anyway...  David Andrei Bazon, my second child — and my first boy — was born on August 26, 2007 (about 2 weeks earlier than expected).  He is very vocal.  Long live!

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“Maybe you should get a CS degree...”

I got this reply to one of my previous posts—which was basically a rant about how Java affects nowadays programmers.

Well, do I need a CS degree?  Let's think.  I mentioned in that post (or somewhere else) that I've been programming for the last 15 years.  Giving I'm 28, that might seem huge.  Here's my story.

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A guide to quit smoking

I know it's uncommon for me to talk about my personal life.  Most bloggers do it, but to me it seems rather stupid.  Why would anyone, other than my friends and family, like to know what I ate today?  If there's one reason why I would write about myself, it's because I'd like to read what I wrote after years.  This is one of those moments; I just need to write this down.

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