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Writing a Redis client library for Node.js

I'm playing with Node.js lately.  Node is an asynchronous environment that allow you to use JavaScript on the server.  The asynchronous nature makes it a bit different from other programming environments, and I'll describe in this article how I'm using some obvious features of the language (closures and exceptions) to accomplish something not-quite-trivial.  In short, I've written a Redis client library and a WebSocket library (and yes, I know these things exist already, but I suffer from the NIH syndrome).

JavaScript has exceptions, and JavaScript has closures—combining them you can get “restarts”.  It's not the same as Lisp's condition/restarts system, in that once it throws an exception a function can not return anymore.

In order to make use of this technique you have to write your code in “continuation-passing style” and avoid iterative loops.  While this might seem too complicated, it's easier and more natural than it sounds (and it's almost a requirement in environments such as NodeJS).

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